Reaching the right audience with Ad Manager

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 | 10:15 AM

Advertisers spend more money on campaigns that reach the right audience. Plus, users find them more relevant and useful. To help you ensure that ads reach a specific audience and increase the value of your inventory, Google Ad Manager offers multiple targeting options that enable you to more precisely control when, where, and to whom, ads appear.

Ad Manager's technology can recognize a number of factors that can be used in deciding which ads to serve: the visitor's location (country, region or state, metro, and city, based on the IP address), user's domain, user's operating system, browser, browser language, and their bandwidth. Additionally, you can use day and time targeting so that particular line items are only served during specific hours or days. For example, you might set a particular line item to run only on Tuesdays, or from 3 to 6 p.m. daily.

In the video below, Mark Wolly, a Product Specialist on Google Ad Manager, will demonstrate how to add geotargeting to a line item.

In addition to the targeting options mentioned above, you can fine-tune the audience that you reach using custom targeting. This allows you to use additional criteria that you collect through your website. Google Ad Manager can't determine these criteria, but if - for example - you have user registration data from your site, you can specify demographic information such as gender, age and user interests. You do this in Google Ad Manager by passing on this information via simple JavaScript tags. Once you're live with custom targeting, you'll be able to target orders to your specified criteria, as well as forecast and report based on them.

We hope this information helps you implement better control of the ads appearing on your site, and makes your inventory even more valuable!