The next generation of Google Ad Manager

Monday, February 22, 2010 | 8:00 AM

Since Google's acquisition of DoubleClick in March of 2008, we've been focused on combining the knowledge and resources of our companies, as well as your feedback, to improve ad serving for publishers of all sizes. Over the past year, you may have noticed some early fruits of this labor in Google Ad Manager, including the new Inventory and Admin tabs. Today, we announced the launch of our next generation publisher ad serving platform, the new DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) from Google, which further leverages the combined strengths of Google and DoubleClick.

As part of this roll-out, we're also excited to announce that in the weeks to come all Google Ad Manager publisher accounts will automatically be upgraded to DFP Small Business. This is the next generation of Google Ad Manager, bringing many requested features such as a new web services API, an improved user interface, and new reporting capabilities. We will be upgrading all Google Ad Manager accounts to DFP Small Business automatically. Ad Manager users will see the new DFP Small Business name and logo within the product and related resources upon completion of the upgrade. Usernames, passwords, ad delivery data and account data will be unaffected by this change. New customers signing up for Google Ad Manager today will automatically be upgraded on the same schedule as current Ad Manager publishers.

In order further educate our publishers about this announcement, we've prepared the following set of online materials:

  • Familiarize yourself with the new DFP Small Business website which will be replacing the Google Ad Manager website.
  • Get a quick overview of the upcoming trafficking improvements and watch videos demonstrating the changes.
  • Attend our DFP Small Business web seminars to get an overview of these changes.
As a DFP Small Business publisher, you'll also benefit immediately by gaining a seamless upgrade path to the premium version of DFP, which offers an advanced feature set, greater levels of customization and enhanced partnership and consulting services. All of our publishers will benefit from becoming part of the larger DoubleClick platform ecosystem, which remains at the center of Google's commitment to continued ad serving innovation and investment. To learn more about our DFP premium solution, please visit the following link.

We hope you find that these improvements will enable you to get your work done faster, grow your business, and help you maximize the value of each ad impression.