Yield management, powered by the Doubleclick Ad Exchange, now available in Ad Manager

Tuesday, September 22, 2009 | 12:27 PM

Last week, we announced the new Doubleclick Ad Exchange, a real-time advertising marketplace for display advertising space. We want to give you some background on what the new Ad Exchange means for Google Ad Manager publishers.

The Ad Exchange itself is designed for large publishers who want to actively manage their inventory across multiple ad networks and sales channels. However, it also has significant benefits for AdSense partners and Google Ad Manager users.

For Google Ad Manager users, the new Ad Exchange provides another major enhancement that is designed to help you maximize revenue from your indirectly sold inventory. As part of the new Ad Exchange, Google-certified ad networks can now bid on AdSense inventory. Google certified ad networks are those Ad Exchange participants who have gone through an additional certification process in order to be able to to bid for AdSense inventory through the Ad Exchange. Within Google Ad Manager, this works with the AdSense price optimization feature that many of you are already using. Now, all Ad Manager publishers will benefit from greater competition for their AdSense enabled inventory. This means that by activating AdSense price optimization you will now also benefit from increased real time competition for your inventory across multiple ad networks, including AdSense. Simply put, a larger pool of buyers and real-time, impression-by-impression competition means more revenue for your AdSense enabled inventory.

If you have already enabled your Ad Manager inventory for AdSense price optimization you'll begin to benefit as we roll this capability out across all of your AdSense enabled ad slots. If your inventory is not enabled for AdSense price optimization, you can enable your ad slots at anytime to benefit from this new capability.

As these networks will be bidding for AdSense inventory, the controls for managing which networks can compete reside in the main AdSense user interface, in an area called the Ad Review Center. Over time we will be enhancing this capability and integrating it further into the Ad Manager user interface. We'll continue communicating with you as this proceeds.

Opening AdSense to Google-certified Ad Exchange participants means that more advertisers will be able to bid on the ad space that you allocate to and let AdSense compete for. We believe this will ultimately help you earn more revenue for your sites. You can read in more detail about the features of the new DoubleClick Ad Exchange on the DoubleClick blog.