"What will my ad creative look like on your website? Can you send me a screenshot?"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009 | 11:23 AM

You've told us that this is one of the most common requests that publishers hear from advertisers. We know that publishers often have to manually create a test page to check what a particular creative will look like, or to show advertisers. This can be time-consuming.

Well, we have a tool that can help. With the creative preview tool in Google Ad Manager, you can view any type of creative (image, Flash, rich media) exactly as it will appear on your website - before it's live!

In the video below, Mark Wolly, a Product Specialist on Google Ad Manager, demonstrates how to preview a creative on your website.

Using this tool, you can send an advertiser a screenshot of how their ad creative will appear on any page of your website, or even provide them with a link to your preview page. Hopefully, you'll never have to manually create a test page again.